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Art school implies to an educational institution having a primary target of educating art and craft to its students. Art school is used for all categories of institutions like, primary, secondary, undergraduate and even postgraduate. All art schools primarily focus on visual arts like, graphic designing, painting , sculpture , illustration, and photography. Art schools also provide degrees and diplomas to their students like any normal educational institutes for ex; most art schools give degrees of Bachelor of fine arts or a fine art B.A.

In art schools students are expected to practice Bohemian ideologies typical art school life style. Some art schools follow a tough curriculum such as the ‘The Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design’ offer rigorous curricula to its students.

There are many famous art schools around the world some names are discussed as follows;

  • The Fort Lauderdale Art Institute ( U.S.A)
  • The California Institute of Arts (U.S.A.)
  • The Otis Art and Design College ( Los Angeles in California)
  • The New School of Classic Art ( Rhode island at United States)
  • The University College Falmouth (at United Kingdom).
  • China Academy of Art, art school of mainland China.

India is regarded as a mother of art and culture many art forms having taken birth from India are followed through out the world. Some renowned names are like; Indian Diamond Institute offer diploma in cutting, polishing, gemology and jewelry designing. The Indian institute of Design offer courses on interiors and furniture designing. the India International Trade Center offer courses on fashion, jewelry designing, hotel management and tourism. The School of Art and Fashion Technology offer courses for one to two years in interior designing for women.

In modern society art has managed to secure huge popularity and acceptance throughout the world different art forms are taught by different art schools these art schools follow a strict curriculum for those really interested in art forms. But many people are always there who have had destroyed the sanctity and irony of arts.

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