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Art museum is a place for exhibition of various art forms in large scales for longer period of time with much professional approach to the conservation and care. Basically in these art museums visual art forms are displayed but some work on applied art objects and sculptures can also be seen in these art museums. In these museums there are art rooms where different arts are exhibited for people. There are many famous art museums in different parts of world, names of few of them discussed below:

  • Baltimore museum of art
  • Amsterdams Rijksmuseum, van Gogh museum
  • Beijing palace museum
  • Atlanta museum of art
  • Cambridge Harvard art museum
  • Chicago art institute
  • Honolulu art academy
  • New Delhi National Gallery of Modern Arts and many other famous art museums all around the world.

There are many types of museums like museum of modern art, museum on local history, museum on aviation history, agriculture museum and museum on geology. Other than this there are many types of museums discussed as follows;

  • History Museum
  • Art museums
  • Science museum
  • Natural history museum
  • Zoological museums
  • Open air museums
  • Mobile museums and
  • Other Museums.

Among the famous museums of world the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia which was established in the year 1876 is the largest and most important art museums in United States. The louver museum of Paris is again one of the largest and most famous in world. In India the Jehangir art gallery is very popular in the Indian crowd.

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