Art Graffiti



Graffiti is a mural, a piece of art that is multicolored and highly complex. These eye catching attractive art graffiti you can find in highly visible spaces like,

  • The sides of train,
  • Bridges,
  • Billboards etc.

Art graffiti require tremendous creativity, radiance, and meticulous craftsmanship.

With the invention of spray paint, tags of art graffiti developed in size, color and style into an entirely new class of appearance. Now it has known more respectfully as graffiti art or subway art. With the arrival of spray paint, the original, homochromatic graffiti tags developed into barfs. Now these art graffiti acquired dual-color tags with fizz inscription and simple outlines.

From this time onwards, Graffiti artists, or writers became more anxious with style, content, and placement than their predecessors had been. Rather than simply scrawling simple graffiti tags all over town these writers competed to dress up their impressively elaborate, colorful pieces.


A piece of art graffiti can often include cartoon characters for defining symbols of a particular writer, such as

  • vines,
  • hearts, or bullets, and
  • The writer's name.

A particularly high quality piece of art graffiti is called a burner. Burners have crisp outlines with no drips. They are complex and multicolored, and usually advertise a unique signature style. In the past, graffitists worked solo. But with the passing phase of time as the size and complexity of burners grew, safety concerns prompted graffitists to form alliances.

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