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Art glass means the modern art glass movement in which artists working alone or in a group to create works from molten glass. Art glass began in the early 1960s and showed continued growth through the end of the century.

The glass objects created in art glass movement are not primarily utilitarian but are planned to make a sculptural or decorative object. Art glass includes the creation of

  • Stained glass,
  • Working glass in a torch flame or lampworking,
  • Glass bead making,
  • Glass casting,
  • Glass fusing, and
  • The making of glass shapes through glass blowing.

Art glass developed in prehistoric times in Egypt and Assyria. Art of glass brought to the fore by the Romans , and had its greatest triumphs in European cathedral building in stained glass rose-windows.


Great artist's workroom like

  • Tiffany,
  • Lalique,
  • Daum,
  • Galle,
  • The Corning schools in upper New York State, and
  • Stubbe glassworks took glass art to the highest levels.

In an art glass studio, ideally, art products like goblets, vases, pitchers, art marbles etc. shows more hand worked variation and each piece shows some of the lead glass worker's creativity.

Few names of famous glass art artists are given below:

  • Robert Kaindl
  • Dante Marioni
  • James Nowak
  • David Patchen
  • Lino Tagliapietra
  • William Morris
  • JDC Roman
  • Jeremy Langford
  • Libensky Brychtova
  • Tim Tat
  • Vicke Lindstrand
  • Callahan McVay
  • Tanja Sceter

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