African Art



African art refers to art forms which originate from African continents. Since the prehistoric period till present time, African art has gained a huge diversity in its art forms. Many African arts are directly related to African ritual ceremonies. But it is still tough to recognize the purpose of a definite piece of art . From 700 B.C. the African paintings -included images of animals and hunters. In the beginning many African art also included body painting, scarification and sculpture masks used in religious ceremonies. In the 19th and 20th centuries the western Colonizers discovered African art. But with the rapid modernization of African society the traditional art is loosing its gravity and hence its disciplines. Development of African art colleges in modern Africa has tended many African artists in showcasing western impact in their works.

African Artist never used concept of human images, animals and spirits in their work rather they emphasized more on ideas relating reality, spirituality and humanity and tried to motivate these feelings by carving animal and human figures. The work done on smooth and lustrous figure indicated beauty while works done on a rough surface was considered ugly and morally defective. African artists like Claude Clark and David C.Driskell were very famous among the African art lovers. A study of African artist's famous arts makes us know about the values cultural history and common beliefs of people.

If you look at a definite piece of African art you will find the art inspired of different themes these themes make us understand the importance of some of its arts. The most common themes behind these arts are a couple, a male portrayed with a weapon or an animal, a woman showcased with a child and a stranger.

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