Shilparamam Crafts and Cultural Show


With Ugadi or the Telugu New Year day ushering in, the people of Andhra Pradesh are getting ready to celebrate this auspicious day with great mirth and festivity. This year Ugadi falls on the seventh of April.

Shilparamam, the ethnic hamlet of Andhra Pradesh is also preparing for a host of cultural events and craft shows to mark the beginning of the New Year. About twenty-five kilometers away from Hyderabad, Shilparamam is a scenic crafts village at Madhapur. Spanning an area of over fifty acres of land Shilparamam hosts many fairs and fests on special occasions round the year.
The chief purpose is to highlight the rich artistic and cultural tradition that India treasures. The village turns into a vibrant wonderland with its arts and crafts exhibits on the eve of Ugadi. Foreigners taking a tour to Hyderabad during this time do not miss to turn up to Shilparamam and experience the marvelous handicrafts culled from the remote corners of India.

The terracotta sculptures, the exotic stone and wood carvings, the outstanding bidriware, lacquer and wooden puppets, the hand-woven textiles, the intricate filigree works and other timeless legacies of Indian arts and crafts are brought to limelight with the Ugadi celebrations.
The buyers can pick up exclusive pieces of Indian art directly from the artisans. The picturesque crafts village has opened up great opportunities for the popularity and marketing of India’s heritage crafts and festivals like Ugadi create the true spirit for such crafts promotion.

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