Kaila Devi Fair


Rajasthan’s Karauli district is getting ready for its annual festivity scheduled to begin from 3rd April this year. The villagers of Kaila in the south west of Karauli, worship their goddess Kaila Devi or Mahalakshmi with great fanfare. A fair is also held to mark the occasion. Numerous devotes crowd the Kaila Devi temple on the Kalisil river front and also flock the fair.

Kailadevi fair can be accessed by train. The nearest rail station is Hindaun. It can also be reached by roadway from Karauli, Hindaun and Mahavirji. Spanning for a fortnight, the fair makes a vibrant exposition of Rajasthan’s indigenous arts and crafts.
From exquisite hand woven embroideries and textiles to gorgeous home furnishings and dress materials with heavy mirror works and decorations the various displays embody the beautiful artistry and craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The heavy jewelries, tribal headgears, and various metal and wood crafted products are other notable exhibits in the fair.

The fair is witnessed by many a foreigners for its lively cultural performances by the local Mina tribes. Hence the fair provides a good base for the popularity and marketing of small-scale cottage products of Rajasthan to the people of the world. The socio cultural event provides a grand opportunity for the tribal folks to come forward and unveil their outstanding talents.

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