Jaipur Holi Festival and Tribal Craft Fair


Jaipur Holi Festival was celebrated with its usual fanfare this year on the twenty second of March. The tribal folks of Jaipur heralded the ushering of spring with the sprinkling of colors, extravagant elephant parades, boisterous animal dances, folk performances and royal processions enlivening the ambiance of the royal Rajput era. Foreigners from various corners of the world came to witness the pageantry and also took part in some events deriving lots of fun and pleasure. The indigenous arts and crafts of Jaipur could be explored in the bright and heavy ornamentations on the animals and the participants.

A spectacular tribal fair was held collaboratively a few days ahead of the festival. The resplendent folk culture of Rajasthan could be observed in all its color and glory in the fair. A three-day affair, the fair was a unique initiative of the Rajasthan Tourism Board to encourage and promote the Indian tribal art to the foreigners and connoisseurs of arts and crafts.

The fair was a colorful exposition of multitudes of folk crafts culled from Rajasthan and eight other states of India. The visitors could feel and connect the candid delight of the tribal artists exhibiting their handworks. Each artwork was highly admired and the fair was a grand success making good market for the poverty stricken rural folks of India.

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