Ceramics India


The non-metallic glazed chemical substance termed as ceramic has made its marked effect in modern life. Be it interior decors, office and commercial accents, decorative art, pottery and porcelainware, kilns, pipes and tile producing, ceramic products are used everywhere in versatile forms and functions. Hence ceramic industry is a potential revenue-earning sector of any country.

Ceramics India is an annual exhibition of ceramic appliances and related technologies in India. This year the show has been scheduled from April 16 to April 18 in the country’s commercial capital, Mumbai. The venue is the recognized Bombay Exhibition Center – NSE Complex. The vibrant spectrum of ceramics will be brought into limelight in this mega affair. The outstanding collection of ceramic crafts is sure to astound the visitors with their rich artistry, craftsmanship and utilitarian values.
Apart from the crafts there will be displays of ceramic manufacturing equipments, processes and tools, ceramic designs and plethora of chemical products like screen-printing additives and glazes. The exposition will be a lucrative business attraction for the entrepreneurs, designers, architects, technicians, exporters, retailers, sales person and others associated to ceramics sector. A promotional event of Exposales Limited of United Kingdom, the exhibition will certainly popularize Indian ceramics and boost sales in the global market.

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