Wooden Beads



Wooden beads are a very popular choice while making bead jewelry . Wooden beads are light, easy to decorate, and can be cut into various shapes and sizes. Wood is also an easily available material.

Wood beads have formed part of the tradition of tribal jewelry since ancient times. They can be used to make chunky jewelry or simple elegant ornaments. They form an important constituent of fashion jewelry as well. Bracelets, earrings, nose rings, finger rings , necklaces, anklets, armlets, bangles , pendants and other pieces of jewelry are made with wooden beads. These beads are strung on nylon, natural fiber thread, elastic, or wire; they may also be stuck on material and then used.

Apart from being used in wooden bead jewelry, beads made of wood are also used to decorate handbags, garments, curtains, wall hangings, key chains, and other items.

Wooden beads are available in numerous sizes and shapes. Some of the popular shapes are:

  • Spherical
  • Oval

  • Tubular
  • Tetrahedral
  • Diamond
  • Barrel
  • Round
  • Cylindrical
  • Flat
  • Teardrop
  • Abstract

They are either available plain, varnished, or painted with various patterns. These wooden bead designs may be floral, linear, geometric, ethnic Indian, or abstract among others. Another way of decorating them is by using glitter. They may also be carved, engraved or inscribed. Various types of wood are used to make wooden beads.

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