Silver Gemstone Jewelry



Men and women have adorned themselves with beautiful handcrafted ornaments since time immemorial. They have used the material available to them to make trinkets that they have embellished with stones, bones, and other organic material readily available.

With improvement in tools, discovery of new metals and stones, and growth of skill, jewelry today is more intricately crafted and more versatile. One example of this is silver gemstone jewelry.

Silver Jewelry

Silver is used to craft jewelry of various kinds: both chunky and bold pieces, as well as delicate and elegant ornaments. Silver jewelry is often gold plated. It is also often embossed and engraved. Sometimes, beautiful designs are crafted of independent silver pieces are then joined to create lovely jewelry pieces. Another very attractive kind of silver jewelry is silver gemstone jewelry.

Silver gemstone jewelry is simply silver jewelry that has been decorated with gemstones. These gemstones break the monotony of a purely silver trinket, by lending it color and cheer.

An Introduction to Gemstones

The value of a gemstone lies in its beauty of cut, color and ability to refract light. Accordingly, they have been classified into precious (cardinal) and semi-precious gemstones. It is but natural that the cost of silver gemstone jewelry depends on the type and value of the gemstone used.

Traditionally, the diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and amethyst were considered precious gemstones. There are almost 130 minerals that have been cut into gems, and about 50 of these are commonly used in gemstone jewelry and for other purposes. Today, the term ‘gem' has become more fluid, and it includes certain organic materials like pearl, ivory, coral, bone, amber, ammolite and jet.

Gemstones are set in jewelry, and other artifacts as well for reasons apart from their attractiveness. Many gemstones are considered to possess religious and medicinal significance. It is also interesting that every calendar month is associated with a particular gemstone, and this is called the birthstone of the month. A lot of silver gemstone jewelry is fashioned and marketed keeping this in mind.

Significance of Gemstones :

Here is a look at some of the popular gemstones used in silver gemstone jewelry, and their significance:

Garnet: This beautiful stone is the birthstone of January, and represents fidelity and commitment.

Amethyst: The amethyst is the birthstone of February. Amethyst silver jewelry is often worn because of the gemstone's association with piety, spirituality, and its ability to restore tranquility.

Aquamarine: The common belief is that this stone aids digestion and helps people who are dependent on drugs. It is the birthstone of March. It is believed to relieve anger and dispel negative thoughts.

Diamonds: These brilliant gemstones are popularly touted as ‘a girl's best friend' and as being ‘forever'. They are the enduring symbols of love and beauty, and are associated with reliability and longevity. The diamond is the birthstone of April.

Emerald: Jewelry made of this gorgeous gemstone is often worn because it is believed to bring wisdom, growth and patience.

Pearl: The elegant pearl is the birthstone of June, and a symbol of purity and refinement.

Ruby: Gemstone jewelry set with rubies is very popular. It is believed that if worn on the left hand, it brings good luck. The ruby is the birthstone of July.

Peridot: This is the birthstone of August, and is worn to ward off evil, and as a cure against asthma. Peridot gemstone silver jewelry as well as ornaments of other metals set with peridots, are symbols of fame and strength.

Sapphire: This gemstone represents sincerity and faithfulness. It is the birthstone of September, and is believed to banish envy and restore fidelity.

Opal: This is the birthstone of the month of October. It is a symbol of confidence and faithfulness.

Citrine: The citrine is the birthstone of November. Citrine gemstone jewelry is worn to enhance creativity and self-confidence. This gemstone is also used to remove toxins from the body.

Turquoise: The beautiful turquoise is the birthstone of December. A holy stone, it is also a good luck charm. Gemstone jewelry set with this stone is worn to promote mental and spiritual clarity.

Silver gemstone jewelry is popular with people of all ages and all countries. It is worn both casually as well as for formal occasions. It is no wonder that silver gemstone earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, anklets, rings and other trinkets are so loved.

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