Indian floors are seldom left bare, as interior decorators are always in demand when it comes to Indian floor coverings . Indian rugs, carpets, mats and durries are just some of the options that are available. Rugs from India have gained worldwide popularity, and are admired for their colors, patterns and the inherent skill.

Types of Indian Rugs

Gabba Rugs:

These are chain stitched rugs. They are one of the most popular Kashmiri handicrafts . These rugs of India are usually made of 65 % wool or silk yarn and 35 % cotton yarn. The base of the rug is Hessian cloth, which is pastel colored and which has been backed by cotton cloth. On the surface, traditional Kashmiri embroidery is done. Though pastels are the predominant shades, Gabbas are available in a number of other colors. The motifs are traditional Kashmiri floral patterns.


These are another kind of Kashmiri rug. They are like small carpets, in that the rug designs are as intricate as the ones done on the carpets. Namdas from Kashmir are made of cotton and wool and may be plain or embroidered or be decorated with appliqué work. Namdas are also made in Bikaner and Tonk in Rajasthan. These rugs made in India are known for their bright colors and lovely designs.

Hook rugs from Kashmir are also a popular Indian handicraft.

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