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In Michael Crafts store you can find anything from cross-stitch, patterns and kits to thread. The Michael house is situated at the Bonnevaux side the location is very quiet and peaceful the village of Bonnevaux is situated near main Thonon and Chatel road, it is 22 km from Thonon.

In the Michael Art and Craft store you can find variety of things from Compare Autos, Accessories, Tires and many other products. For Baby items you can find Baby Apparel, Baby Toys, Baby Travel, Bathing and Bathroom products diapering and many more. This store is even an ultimate destination for the voracious readers as both Fiction and Non Fiction books are available in the Michael Crafts.

Clothing and other Accessories for Men, Women and children are also sold here. Besides, Computers adapters, CPU, Chassis and other components, desktops, graphics are also available in Michael Crafts.

Electronics items such as Binoculars, Telescopes, Camcorders, Cars Audio and Video, Digital Cameras, Films Cameras are also available in Michael Crafts.

Food and Wine items as chocolate, candy wine, coffee, Tea and Cocoa, Deserts, Gift items and other items. Jewelry

and watches are also available, Anklets, Body Jewelry, Bracelets and Chains Charms, Cuff Buttons are found.

Indoor Play Crafts

The shop also provides some services as Auto Insurance, Auto Loans, Mortgages Real Estate and free home valuation

Sports and Outdoors Equipments, Fitness Equipments and products for Indoor and Outdoor games are available. By and large, it’s a complete solutions store where your almost every requirement can be fulfilled

The Price range is under $ 10, $10- $20, $20-$30, $30-$60 and over$60.

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