The traditions of Indian arts and crafts are so deeply entrenched that they work as guiding lights for the generations passing by. Through different crafts, all the traits and true character of india can be envisaged. Be it the brocades of Varanasi, the himroo fabrics of Hyderabad, the Kullu shawls of Himachal, the namdhas of Kashmir, the meenakari and kundan works of North India, the Barmeri and Sankheda furniture of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Madhubani and Kishangarh paintings, or for that matter the assorted paraphernalia of woodcarvings, stuffed hangings, purses and handbags, it is no gainsaid that every art and craft tradition of India exudes a charm and originality of its own and pristine beauty that has remained untouched by time. The elegance of traditional handicrafts symbolizing the Indianness mirrors a heritage in its past and present flowing into eternity.

Bringing together this world of color, artistic brilliance, ethnic craftsmanship are these FEATURED ARTICLES on the different aspects of Indian crafts and arts. Right from Blue Pottery, Madhubani Painitings to Gautam Buddha you will find it all here. So step into this world of culture, heritage and exotic arts and experience the richness of Indian Culture.

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