Handmade Jewelry



The value of a beautiful handmade jewelry piece lies not simply in its aesthetic appeal. Rather, it is the skill of a master craftsman that shines through the jewel in the form of myriad designs, which is most admirable.

In India, handmade ornaments are more the norm than an anomaly. Traditional Indian jewelry is always handcrafted. Large families often have their personal jewelers who make their jewelry for them. Only since jewelers have chosen to open shop so as to be able to attract more customers, have family jewelry traditions started to wane. But even then, the jewelry pieces continue to be hand crafted. For occasions such as weddings, jewelry is often specially designed to match perfectly with the wedding outfit. This custom jewelry involves a great deal of planning and re-planning, as the jeweler and the customer sit together for long periods of time, finalizing designs, stones, metal and other embellishments and intricacies. Even during the process of making these ornate handmade trinkets, there are frequent consultations so that any required changes may be incorporated into the ornament.

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