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Indian artisans have preserved tradition of art and craft, along with innovations and experimentations. The result is a heritage of a unique and diverse range of handicrafts.

Furniture from India is well-known throughout the world. It is hailed for its intricate craftsmanship, its rich designs as much as for its simplicity, its use of a variety of material and numerous decorating styles. Furniture from India is made of wood (ebony, mahogany, cane, teak, bamboo, rosewood, walnut wood, acacia, mango among others), marble and other stones, bronze, brass, jute, wrought iron. It is carved, painted, and decorated with glass, mirrors, tiles.

Indian Cane Furniture

Cane furniture from India is the epitome of simplicity combined with comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Cane grows in the thick tropical forests in India. Its strong yet pliable nature, make it ideal for use in furniture. It is interesting that cane furniture has been made in India since the 2 nd century AD. Once the cane is heated, it can be shaped into various forms by hand. These component parts are then screwed or glued together to create a frame.

Thereafter, the joints are wrapped with binding. Cane furniture can be dyed after it is put together. Finally, a coat of lacquer is applied. Assam has a great tradition of manufacturing elegant cane furniture in India.

Sankheda Furniture

Gujarat is a land of colorful and vibrant arts and crafts. And furniture from this state in India is characterized by bright painted patterns and motifs. The Sankheda furniture is exclusive to Sankheda, a small town at the bank of the River Narmada.

This style of furniture from India is made from 100% teakwood. The wood is first shaved and smoothened to create the required shapes. Thereafter, floral and abstract designs are painted on it with a squirrel tail brush. The traditional colors used by artisans are gold silver, maroon, green, vermilion and brown. These are mixed in zinc powder, lac and resin, before they are applied. Nowadays, craftsmen also experiment with colors like ivory and purple. Once painted, the furniture parts are polished with the akik stone and then smoothened with the leaf of the Kewda tree. Then, they are fitted together.

The Sankheda furniture from India is as famous for its simple and delicate patterns, as it is for its complex artwork.

Pidha Furniture

This furniture is famous of Lunkaransar in India. The most recognizable Pidha furniture is the woven low stool or cot. This stool has a wooden frame, and a seat that is woven with cotton yarn or goat's hair to form geometric patterns.

Patra Furniture

This furniture is the pride of Rajasthan, India. It is ornate in appearance, and was commonly found in the palaces of this Desert State. It is plated with white metal that has been beautifully carved and engraved.

Tilonia Furniture

This attractive furniture from India is originally from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The artisans from Tilonia in Rajasthan later enhanced the traditional designs by incorporating embroidered leather patterns. The Tilonia chairs and stools are the most popular furniture items from this region. It is also known for its woven jute work on furniture.

Kishangarh Furniture

This hand-painted wooden furniture from India is famous for its Mughal motifs. The wood used is sheesham (rosewood), mango wood, and acacia arabica. Kishangarh in Rajasthan is also known for its wooden chairs with embossed patterns. These come with matching wooden seats that are detachable.

Kashmir Furniture

This scenic state is famous for its intricately carved walnut-wood furniture .
Indian furniture from Jodhpur, Barmer and Shekhawati in Rajasthan is also world-famous. Most remarkable is the lattice or ‘jali' work of this state.

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