Designer Jewelry


Flaunting jewelry is on of the most widely adopted habit of the masses. Designer jewelry or signature jewelry is an exclusive collection of jewelry, created by a particular designer. Indian jewelry is world famous, and some of the most gorgeous ornaments from India, are to be found in the jewelry lines of private Indian jewelry designers.
Some of the most well known names in Indian designer jewelry are:

  • Neelam Kothari
  • Poonam Soni
  • Asha Kamal Modi
  • Saba Ali Khan
  • Alpana Gujral
  • Farah Khan
  • Niru Rajeev Kumar
  • Payal Seth
  • Varuna D Jani
  • Maheep Kapoor
  • Lavina Godhwani
  • Shobha Asar

Neelam Kothari's Jewelry :

This Indian actress-turned-jewelry-designer, started working with her father's jewelry export business about ten years ago. Today she has her own store, Neelam Jewels in Mumbai, India.

Poonam Soni's Jewelry:

Poonam Soni was perhaps one of the first designers of Indian signature jewelry. In 1997, she launched India's first designer jewelry store signature Line. Her collection is rooted in the Indian jewelry tradition, while experimenting with the Greek, Mughal and Egyptian. Apart from her designer jewelry line Signature Line, she also has other accomplishments under her belt: among these is Silver Edge, a retail store at the Taj group of hotels, and Jewel Inn, an Accessory Store in Mumbai, India.

Asha Kamal Modi's Jewelry :

Her signature jewelry line, Art Karat, is one of the most well-known in India. It was launched in 1988. The ornaments are made of alloy metals and gold-plated silver . They make use of semi-precious stones and beads . The Art Karat collection boasts of jewelry that ranges from the classical to the contemporary.

Niru Rajeev Kumar's Jewelry :

Traditional Pachchikam jewelry of Gujarat, India, is revived in Niru's collection of designer jewelry of India.

Shobha Asar's Jewelry :

Launched under the brand name Shobha Asar, this designer jewelry is characterized by a combination of diamonds and semi-precious stones. These are set in platinum and white gold.

Alpana Gujral's Jewelry :

Her signature jewelry collection is dominated by bright colors and Indian motifs.

Lavina Godhwani's Jewelry :

Lavina Godhwani jewelry, sold under the brand name Bling, is chunky and uses diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones.
The designer jewelry of Farah Khan (the sister of Indian actor Zayed Khan), and Saba Ali Khan (the sister of Indian actor Saif Ali Khan) are other famous signature jewelry lines from India.
Payal Seth's jewelry, Maheep Kapoor's jewelry and the Varuna D Jani Collection are also exquisite examples of Indian designer jewelry.

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