Buddhist Rituals



The religion of Buddhism is considered to be a path of transformation which also signifies that it is not enough to comprehend it intellectually. Following the Buddhist path means that we must indulge ourselves in the emotions and sentiments of Buddhism thereby having faith in all the Buddhist rituals and strictly adhering to them. Many forms of Buddhist rituals have developed over the centuries ranging from simple to elaborate ones. The Buddhist rituals are also multi-faceted and often involve various physical activities, simultaneous recitation of worship verses, the conscious development of positive emotional states and the mental creation of images and sounds.

The Buddhist rituals commonly comprises of three main constituents or elements: recitation, chanting and the making of offerings. The verses recited are usually associated with the chief beliefs and precepts of Buddhism and they also give expression to the spiritual aspiration which makes someone a Buddhist.

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Buddhists usually chant in either of the two ancient Indian languages Pali or Prakrit and chanting according to the Buddhist rituals is a way of forging an emotional connection with emotional Buddhist ideals. Sometimes Buddhists also chant mantras or Sanskrit phrases which are believed to be the verbal expressions of Enlightenment. The offerings usually consist of flowers which epitomize both beauty and impermanence;

candles which symbolizes the radiance of Enlightenment and incense which pervades the air in the same way that the truth as experienced by the Buddha pervades the universe. In this way they serve to bring about a harmony of speech, body and mind.

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