Buddhist Philosophy



Buddhist Philosophy is primarily based on the teachings of Buddha. It deals with the problems in metaphysics, phenomenology, ethics and epistemology. After Buddha’s death many attempts were made to assimilate his teachings together and spread it to common man first by preaching it orally and then in writing (Tripitaka). Many other teachings of Buddha were also added in some important Buddhist texts. Many of these additions changed and refined Buddhist philosophies. There were differences of thought on whether Buddhism is a philosophy or a religion, but whatever may be it is a philosophy, a way of life or a religion; here we present some facts of Buddhism as a philosophical system.

Metaphysics and Phenomenology:

In Phenomenology Buddha has strongly denounced the notion of soul and pure self. Since Buddha’s chief goal was to know the causes of suffering and to find out the cure for these suffering. According to Buddha the thought of self is nothing but a delusion he considered the sufferings as dieses and diagnosed it like a physician to show a common man the paths of Salvation/liberation. For this he introduced the four noble truths and the Noble Eight Fold Paths heading to Nirvana the absolute end of the pain of existence.



Epistemology clearly differentiates Buddhism from that of Hinduism. In epistemology the seeker of truth can do self introspection and can ask questions in his investigations of each philosophical system. Epistemology actually is the study of acquisition and verification of knowledge.


The Avtamasaka Sutras form the basic of this Buddhist philosophy it quotes that the complete Phenomenon in this world is interlinked.


The ethics of Buddhism comprises of the eightfold path.

  • Right speech
  • Right action
  • Right thought
  • Right livelihood
  • Right view
  • Right effort
  • Right concentration
  • Right intention

According to Buddhism, heading towards a generous life is ethics it is the duty of every man to think not only of his own well being but the welfare of all the living beings in this way he can terminate the cause of suffering so extensively prevailing in this world.

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