Buddhist Festivals



The days of Buddhist Festivals differ according to country of their origin and according to different Buddhist Traditions. There are many auspicious days in the Buddhist Community. Like any other community festivals Buddhist festivals are also joyful event. Buddhists celebrate many festivals throughout the year; Following are some more important ones:

The New Year day:

The followers of Theravada(link) Schools of Buddhism in the countries of Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Lao celebrated the New Year in April for three days starting from the first full moon day. The Mahayana followers celebrate their New Year in January. The Buddhist New Year differs according to country of origin and different traditions.

Visakh Puja Day:

This day is celebrated as Buddha’s Birthday; this day is very auspicious for the Buddhists as it marks the day of Buddha’s Birth, His enlightenment and His Death.


Asalha Puja:

This holy day is celebrated as the day of Buddha’s enlightenment. Buddhists celebrate this day by taking part in a candle light procession.

Robe Ceremony or Kathina Ceremony:

This day is celebrated on any auspicious day according to convenience. On this day any laity could offer new robes and other essentials to a monk.

Abidhamma Ceremony:

It is celebrated in the seventh month on the full moon day; this day is auspicious for Buddhist as it is said on this day Buddha went to Tushita Heaven with the purose of teaching his mother Abhidhamma.


This festival is celebrated in the mid of April for several days, during these days people enjoy by sprinkling perfumed water on the monks.

Ploughing CeremonyM:

This day is celebrated as Buddha’s first day of enlightenment, which happened on when Buddha was seven year old and had gone to see ploughing with his father.

Elephant Festival:

This festival is celebrated especially by the Thais on the third Saturday in November.

Tooth Festival:

This festival is celebrated once in a year in August on a full moon night. People celebrate by taking part in a special procession.

Ulambana or the Ancestor Day:

The followers of Mahayana tradition celebrate this day for fifteen days in the eighth lunar month. Foods are offered to get relief from demons who is believed visit the world for fifteen days. On the last day of the festival people visit cemeteries in memory of their ancestors.

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