Bed Sheets



An Introduction to Bed Sheets

To make a bed enticing enough to be sit on it has to be covered with a beautiful bedsheet. There is specific difference between bed sheets and bed covers.

A bed sheet is laid directly on the mattress and is used to cover it. It is the sheet one lies on. A bed sheet also refers to the top sheet or covering sheet that is laid above the bottom sheet, and under which one sleeps. A bed cover or bedspread, on the other hand is the cloth that is spread over the bed sheet (bottom sheet, or top sheet). It is used to protect the bed linen as well as to adorn the bed.

The quality of a bed sheet is adjudged by the number of threads per square inch of material (thread count). The higher this value, the softer the sheet.

There are two types of bed sheets:


  • The first is a piece of cloth that is larger than the bed and which is tucked beneath the mattress.
  • The second is a fitted bed sheet which is the same size and shape as the mattress, and has elastic corners that can be stretched over the mattress.

Traditionally, bed sheets were white and made of cotton .
Cotton fabric is easy to maintain, is cheap and keeps one cool; but today cotton bed sheets appear to have become quite passé. Today, bed sheets are available in a number of fabrics, colors, and with lovely patterns. The markets are flooded with flannel, terrycloth, silk and
satin bed sheets, as well as blended sheets.

Cotton bed sheets still remain the most popular, but it is perhaps pertinent to ask what has prompted the increasing preference for other materials. Flannel bed sheets have gained popularity because they are warm and cozy for the winters. Blended fabrics are being increasingly opted for because they do not wrinkle. Silk and satin are primarily luxury fabrics. Their soft texture and plush look are very appealing. On the downside, however, the dry cleaning they require can prove a tad tedious and expensive.

Bed Sheet Designs:

The designs and patterns that are used on bed sheets vary from simple color blends to complex embroidery. Printed bed sheets cover a wide array of prints:

  • Cartoons
  • Floral
  • Ethnic Indian
  • Geometric
  • Abstract
  • Animal
  • Baby themes
  • Linear patterns like checks, stripes and bands

The prints come in several colors, ranging from light pastel hues and delicate sprays to bold and vibrant shades and loud designs.

Bed Sheet Sets:

Bed linen is often bought as part of a bed sheet set or independently such that it may be mixed and matched.

A bed sheet set usually comprises a bottom bed sheet, a top sheet, and pillow cases. It could also include a duvet cover. Bed sheet sets are available for both single and double beds. The items in a bed sheet set have matching colors and patterns; that is, they design on the sheet may be repeated on the pillow edge or corners. Alternatively, the bed sheet set could also have items in contrasting colors. These are equally attractive. Bed sheet sets are a popular gift choice for people setting up home.

Indian Bed Sheets:

Traditional Indian bed sheets are characterized by their ethnic block prints , batik work , tie-dye patterns and traditional embroidery. Often, Indian bed sheets are so colorfully and beautifully patterned that homemakers do not feel the need to use a bed spread to adorn the bed.

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