Amethyst Silver Jewelry


Different precious and semi-precious stones enahance the beauty of the ornament and bring fortune from their inherent mystic power.Amethyst also is a this kind of semi-precious stone which performs the function of beauty as well as luck.

Amethyst Silver Jewelry has become synonymous with sophistication and opulence.

Significance of the Stone

The amethyst is the birthstone of the month of February. It is also the gemstone associated with the 4 th and 6 th year of marriage. There are several qualities and powers associated with the amethyst, and this is perhaps why amethyst silver jewelry enjoys its popular and glamorous status.

  • Once upon a time, purple dye was scarce and expensive. As a result, it was reserved for the royal garments. In this way, the color purple acquired majestic and regal connotations. The purple color of the amethyst made the stone the preferred choice of the monarchs of yesteryear. This explains the grandeur attached to amethyst silver jewelry.
  • The word ‘amethyst' is derived from the Greek word ‘amethystos', which means ‘sober' or ‘not drunk'. The Greeks believed that anyone who wore an amethyst or drank from an amethyst cup would not become intoxicated. This ancient belief still held by many, and amethyst jewelry is often worn to prevent inebriety.

  • The amethyst is also a symbol of piety and spirituality. Accordingly, it is used to decorate churches and crosses. It is also found in the rings and rosaries of ecclesiastical figures.
  • Moreover, this gemstone is believed to restore peace and tranquility. Amethyst jewelry is therefore worn for calming purposes. The gemstone is also placed under the pillow before going to sleep, to ensure pleasant dreams.
  • Amethyst jewelry including amethyst silver jewelry is also adorned by travelers to protect them on their journey, for enhancing business acumen and for assuring success.
A Closer Look at the Amethyst:

The color of this gemstone ranges from a pale lilac to a black purple. The lighter amethysts are cheaper and more popular. If the stone is excessively heated, it changes to a yellow color.

The amethyst is a member of the quartz family. It occurs naturally as crystals within rocks. Amethysts have been found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Madagascar, Zambia, Australia, Russian mountains and the United States of America. It is interesting that these precious gemstones have been discovered in ruins dating as far back as the ninth century.

Amethysts have for years been worn in pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches and pins. For the jeweler who works with amethysts, understanding subtleties of the stone is of utmost importance. He must respect its magnificent aesthetic allure as well as its healing powers, and cut and set it with discretion and skill.
Over the years, amethysts have been set in various metals and non metals. Their grace and beauty has been accentuated by placing them with various complimentary stones as well. Amethyst silver jewelry is one such specimen of the magic of gemstone jewelry.

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