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The Artworks gallery is the most dynamic and exciting art location of western Canada. The gallery focuses on representing contemporary artworks of both regional and international artists.

This art gallery is keeping with its old tradition of organizing exhibitions. Some of its previous exhibitions include, ‘Say it with Flowers’ by Petal Pusher which continued from 7th April to 5th May 2007. Another exhibition ‘Beyond the image photography exhibit’ continued from 4th March to 31st March 2007. The ‘Detached’ continued from 2nd January to 3rd February 2007. “All I Want” continued from December 2nd to December 30th 2006. From October 30th to December 2nd 2006, lasted the “Shifting Focus”. The ‘Trio’ continued from 18th September to 21st October 2006. Many other exhibitions were held by the Artworks gallery in the past. In its recent exhibition is the Vern Simpson’s Vision Quest which has started from 7th may and will last till 9th June.

The gallery comprises original artworks on different themes such as landscape, abstract , sculpture, figurative, still life and photography. In the section of prints and posters there are artworks on plenty of themes consisting floral, landscape, kids, vintage, global, interiors, street scenes, sports, eclectic, photography, small prints, contemporary, dance and music, cuisine, elements and objects, global and many others.

The Artworks gallery is an oldest cooperative non profit artists’ organization located in the Hartford area. This gallery

is entirely dedicated to both member and non member artists. The permanent address of the gallery is 233 Pearl Street, Hartford, CT 06103. The artworks gallery is supported by the Greater Hartford Arts council’s United Arts campaign. Recently the artworks gallery was voted for the ‘Best Art Gallery’. In the year 1996, this gallery was awarded for the renaissance award for art by the Hartford Downtown Council. Currently the gallery is credited for presenting 30 most talented, innovative and exciting artists.

The board members include Betty Gerich as the president, Rachel Miller as the vice president, Francesa Verblen as executive director and Felix Bronner as Treasurer.

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