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Animation is the technique by which sequence of images are shown in rapid succession, giving the illusion of movement. Animation can range from a flip book to a motion picture film. Early animations were mostly hand drawn, giving rise to the term ‘animation art’. Modern animations
are rendered using Computer Graphics or C.G.. The Animation Art Gallery is located in 13-14 Great Castle Street London. It is Europe's largest gallery on animation art.

The animation art gallery was started in1997. The Animation Art Gallery is committed to providing animation fans with their desired art. The gallery is involved in the buying and selling of animation art. The customers are provided with hand picked, quality work and innovative sketches. The latest concepts on animation art can be found in the Animation Art Gallery.

Collection at the Animation Art Gallery:

The animation art gallery stocks everything from original sketches, concept art, pop art and lithographs to commissioned works. Popular animation characters like Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons, Jack Shellington or Thomas the Tank Engine are also available at the Animation Art Gallery.

Artists at Animation Art Gallery:

The Animation Art Gallery has works of over 177 artists including Todd Goldman, Steve Kauffman, Paul Mellia, Alex Ross, Chuck Jones, Tom Everhart, Allyson Vought, Dr. Seuss, Gerald Scarfe and John Alvin. The woks featured at the Animation Art Gallery are original works by artists.

Events at Animation Art Gallery:

It has been host to some of the most fun filled special events for the last eleven years. The events are structured in order to provide visitors with a great personal experience.

The Animation Art Gallery represents animation art from major animation studios like Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and Hanna Barbara. The artists are honored and even events like artist’s birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated by the Animation Art Gallery with great pomp and show.

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