African Art Gallery


African art is also referred to as material culture. An African art is an art form originated from the African continent. With rapid development in African art, many art museums and art galleries
have been constructed to showcase African Art some of the African art galleries are discussed below;

Ballito Art Gallery:

The Ballito Art Gallery is a contemporary African art gallery in the coastal town of Ballito in the northern coast of Kwazulu Natal. The gallery is located at Shop 7a, The Lifestyle Centre, Ballito, Kwa Zulu Natal. The gallery hosts a permanent exhibition on the artworks of Mr. Nelson Mandela and several other popular African artists. The gallery holds an extensive collection of Persian carpets.

Tribal Expressions Gallery:

The Tribal Expressions Gallery mainly focuses on contemporary artworks of Africa. One specialty of this gallery is that it is entirely owned and run by a woman. The gallery provides a perfect space for African contemporary art works. The major attractions of this African art gallery are the great displays of African wooden inlay works aluminum, granite, sandstone flooring, kudu leather and hundreds of globes hanging from the thatched ceiling serve as the major gallery attraction. The artworks by Anthony Mutheki and Elga Rabe are at home in this African art gallery.

Umhlanga Art Gallery:

The Umhlanga African Art Gallery is located in the coastal town of Umhlanga, north of Kwazulu Natal. Many artworks of Mr. Nelson Mandela and several other famous South African artists are permanently exhibited in this African art gallery. The Umhlanga also performs certain social services like offering support to the interior decorators and its permanent clients.

The African art gallery offers an extensive collection of art like African animal art and crafts made by tribal Artists. The art collections in many of the African art gallery focus on the wood craft, bronze castings, and finest stone sculpture. some art galleries of Africa showcase works such as wall plaques, tables, busts, figures, African masks, wood carvings, pygmy primitive art beds, log heads statues, walking sticks, walking canes, framed art, cow horn, full figure and animal sculptures, carved ostrich eggs, bukota shrines etc.

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