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From very early days of civilization, wood has been crafted to create various useful and decorative handicraft items. In those times, goods of daily uses like arms, axes, toys etc. were crafted with wood. Now, with the passing phase of time man started using wood to make many objects like cabinets, furniture, jewelries and many more. You can find ample numbers of handmade Indian wood craft in the market. Some information on them is given bellow:

  • Wooden Trays:

In the market you can find many beautiful wooden trays beautified by gracious brass inlay work, ivory work, which are created to suit any dining rooms. This wood craft serve Indian warmth with elegance. You can find also some intricately carved trays in the market.

  • Wooden Key Holders:

you can find these wood crafts in various shapes and size in market. A nice coalition of lock and key is very popular. It is a wood craft with inlay work on it. Apart from this, you can get some ebulliently handcrafted wood craft in antique style

  • Wooden Inlayed Table:

In India you can find various kinds of wood inlayed tables which include floral and geometric patterns. Here you can get an exotic rose wood table with beautiful inlay work or an intricately designed rosewood table with figures of elephants in white acrylic inlay work. These are gracefully carved wooden tables with a totally distinct appeal which can give your home an elegant look

  • Wooden Photo Frames:

Wooden photo frames can be an exotic gift of Indian wood craft for your beloved one. You can get these frames made of Mango wood. These completely handcrafted photo frames are the perfect accent for those treasured moments you always cherish.

  • Wooden Jewelry Box:

These boxes are very elegantly hand carved wood craft, crafted in quality Sheesham wood. These are the exquisite expressions of woodcraft. On the entire surface of some of the jewelry box you can find a marvelous pattern of brass inlay work.

  • Wooden Sculptures:

You can get some marvelous wooden sculptures carved in Kadambh wood. You can find wooden sculptures of auspicious OM, symbolizing the infinite ‘Brahman’ and the entire ‘Universe’, Almighty Jesus, Lord Balaji, dancing Ganesha many more. This wood craft is an authentic creation of Indian artisans.

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