Winter Craft


Winter Crafts are fun projects for keeping kids busy in some creative works of their choice; these projects are fun and easy Winter Crafts projects. Mention of some Winter Crafts projects:

Peace Doves:

For a small kid it is difficult to understand such worldly affairs as death and illness it is difficult to make him understand about these. So to make him understand these things such difficult information can be given in a positive way just by taking the help of winter crafts, the beautiful doves can be created by attaching the colored ribbons that are meaningful to family. This craft project is especially for the kid in the age limit of four and above four.

Snow Puppets:

Making snow puppet is an exciting winter craft project for kids especially in the age group of six and above. Some basic things needed for making snow puppets are, white knit glove, 4 tiny orange poms, glue gun, Chenille stem pieces, Scrap material, Plastic wrap, Paint brush, White felt and Black acrylic paint.

Snowflake Mobile:

Making Snowflake mobile is a great fun winter craft project for a child of age group four and above four, things needed to make snow flake mobile are white paper, craft sticks, acrylic paint, scissors, silver ribbon, white string, white glue, paint brush and thumb tack.

Snow girls:

For a child of four years old making Glamorous snow girls are fun in his winter crafts project. These snow girls are made by decorating Styrofoam balls. It is a perfect indoor project and easy too. This can be used for decorating in Christmas. Things needed for making these snow girls are, Styrofoam balls, Toothpicks (at least two), White glue, dangling earrings, Colored ball straight pins, Shank buttons, Craft feather boa and hair bow, Two-inch flat lid, Scissors, Kid’s sock, Ribbons.

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