War Eagle Fair


The War Eagle fair was founded in 1954. It is a non-profit fair which works as an instrument in reviving traditional crafts and art. The main aim behind the formation of the War Eagle fair was to save these art and crafts from the danger of defunctness. An estimated 150,000 people visit the fair that held in May and October of each year. Till now, all of those traditions continue, while sales have exceeded up to $1 million in arts and crafts.

The War Eagle Fair began to display the arts and crafts of the Ozarks region. The Board of Directors of the non-profit association paid painstaking attention to quality of the products and offered visitors free admission and free parking. People are the greatest asset of the War Eagle Fair. Here they have to undergo strict testing for entry and must abide by carefully enforced rules and standards.

In the War Eagle Fair many other services and conveniences are provided. Such as,

* A well-trained parking gang that helps you in and out,
* A first aid station, that is in the free package checking service,
* Food, snacks, beverages are convenient and reasonably priced,
* A free book on fair, listing all exhibitors is available.

It is worth to getting up the fair early in the morning to insure a full day's shopping among the more than 300 exhibitors. The exhibitors include: potters, weavers, woodworkers, carvers, basket weavers, pewter artists, stained glass artists, leather, metal workers and more.

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