Wall Art


Wall art is something which is directly done on the surface of the wall or ceiling. Wall art is not a new human invention rather it is as old as human civilization itself. Its origin goes back to prehistoric age when people use to paint walls of caves, and use to express their thoughts and beliefs. Wall art also called mural painting, reached at its peak in the renaissance period in Europe. If we look at the ancient history we can find that wall art or the mural painting use to be done at different places, like, state capitals, caves, corporations, churches, factories, schools, post offices, libraries and residences. Wall art use to have a high influence of any social condition. In the 90s, wall art was found flourishing rapidly in the United States of America. It reflected the social issues in America.

A wall art is very important in any social set up as it helps in bringing the art to huge genre at a same time. Since it is not possible for every artists to afford the size and cost of wall paintings, the artists get a good commission from the sponsors who organizers these exhibition programs often such sponsorships are afforded by the government or big industrialists. Wall paintings directly affect the daily lives of people where they live and work. You can find frequent sight of wall art on walls of local bars and coffee shops

In the modern society wall art serves as a direct medium of serving public interests, for example, wall art is used for important public announcements regarding politics, sex, sexual orientation, religion and intolerance. Thomas Hart Benton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Judy Baca, Robert Dafford, Richard Hass, Diego Rivera are some renowned wall artists in world.

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