Valentine Crafts for Kid


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Kids get interested in various kinds of crafts very often as per the occasion. Valentine’s time is another occasion when kids become excited for new things closely attached to Valentine’s. Here are some ideas that may be useful for kids on Valentine’s period.

Chocolate Candy Hearts:

Chocolate candy hearts are perfect valentine crafts for kids to make them busy in some creative work. This craft project is for kids of seven years and up. Things needed for making candy hearts are Plastic heart- shaped candy mould, sandwich bags, Spoons, Scissors, wax paper paint brush and plates.

Jewelry Box Crafts for Kid:

Making jewelry box is an exciting valentine crafts for kid basically this box is made by using Popsicle sticks. It is specifically for the children of age group five and up. Basic things which are needed to make this jewelry box are craft sticks, glue, beads or buttons, glitter glue, craft jewels, wax paper, paint brush etc.

Valentine’s Day Notebook:

It can be made of any shape or form a diary a journal or in the form of a notebook. It is very entertaining and easy to make valentine day crafts for kid. This craft is only for the children of age group four and up. Only easily available things such as pink foam, heart shaped stamps, paint brushes, acrylic paint in white, pink, red etc

Homemade Valentines: This valentine craft for kids is easy to make at home under parental guidance. Construction paper, card stock can be used while making this is a perfect gift item to present teachers or friends. Children of age group three and up can enjoy this project. Basic thing needed for making it are, 8.5 x 11 inch construction paper, shears, scissors, glue and glitter.

Heart Shaped Pillow:

Making this heart shaped pillow is an easy valentine craft for kids especially for those, who have little or no experience in sewing. This art and craft is especially for the children of age group ten and up. Some basic things like needle, fabric according to choice, straight pins, cotton batting, lace, ribbon are needed.

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