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If you are trying to make crafts for your toddler, and looking for some guidelines then you are in the right track. India Crafts provides you information on toddler crafts, with the help of which you can create some creative toddler crafts for your toddlers. Some of the toddler crafts projects are discussed bellow:
Toddler Craft from Popsicle Sticks

It is a simple toddler craft. In this toddler craft project your kids could spend hours making crafts with you. For this toddler craft you can buy washable markers. Let your kids color the Popsicle sticks. You can glue them into a square and then put a picture in them. It can be a cut out of a magazine, or a photograph. Nowadays paper towels have different fun prints on them. You can even get holiday themes or even you can color them with the washable marker. These markers can color easily with just a touch, and give a soft, watercolor look on the paper towels. They will look like a puff. Now, tie a string on two sides to hang it like a picture. Try this toddler craft; surely your toddler will love it!

This is the most funny and creative toddler craft. With the use of Macaroni your toddler can make necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

First, put straight macaroni in a jar and drop in a few drops of food color. Now shake it gently until you get the desired color. You can use several different colors. Now spread them and let them on newspaper or paper towels to dry. You should put each color into a plastic container with a cover. Again, provide your children with shoestring or thread with end taped and let them make necklaces. This is also a good way to teach sorting and order the objects. In the beginning, let them string whatever they want and later you might suggest a pattern.

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