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It is your first choice to teach your child teaching something more meaningful, you always want the best crafts which your child’s Sunday school or preschool can successfully afford and teach your child. You want to input your traditional culture, the holy teachings of Bible in your child’s mind from very beginning of his life. To make him understand the value of theme based teaching.

Sunday school crafts include crafting lessons for a pre school child. Kid’s Sunday school is a place of source for fresh creative ideas in crafts and craft related lessons. The international Sunday school lesson provides crafting guide to children of all age especially starting from age 2-14. Making children busy in Sunday school crafts is a best idea Sunday activities will help you in making your child engaged in some more meaningful works. Sunday school activities help you in teaching your child necessary Biblical lessons in an easy manner.

Sunday school lesson for a child of 2-5 years should start with an opening prayer, at the end of prayer talk with children about the prayer and about what they understood of the promises in the prayer. What promises they follow in their life? Discuss about the story of Bible in basic language so that they can understand it easily. Some of the Sunday school crafts discussed below:

Painting: Coloring is an enjoying activity for kids of all age. It brings out their creativity. You can do it by taking some homemade paints, watercolors, sand or glitter.

Stamping: Kids have a basic love towards collecting stamps and tickets it teaches them the art of keeping their collections safe it is helpful for a child’s further life.

Some other crafting activities like toeing painting, peanut pictures, dough sculptures, objecting art are also fun craft activities.

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