Snowman Craft


The Snowman craft making activity can help children to learn about the winter season. The Snowman craft project involves children in a problem solving activity that is to dressing up a snowman with different winter clothing combinations. Snowman craft activity is for children of 3 years and up.

Snowman can be made of different things such as, socks, cotton balls, plastic bags, papers, shaving creams etc. Few kinds of Snowman craft making are discussed bellow:
Ziploc bag Snowman Craft
Things needed for making this Snowman craft are,

* Sandwich size plastic Ziploc bags,
* Styrofoam packing peanuts, or tissue paper,
* Stapler,
* Paper,
* Crayon, and
* Tape

First stuff the bag with piece of tissue papers or crunched up peanuts and seal the bag. After that, fold the top two corners and staple them down. Now, you can draw a snowman head, arms and feet and cut them out. After that, tape them to the stuffed plastic Ziploc bag. This Snowman craft can also be made into a great gift by placing popcorn inside the bag.

Paper Snowman Craft

What will you need are,

* Card stock,
* Crayons,
* Scissors,
* Glue,
* Buttons,
* Sequins,
* Ribbon etc.

First draw the Snowman pattern and his clothes on a cardboard, and then cut them out. Now you can color the clothes and fix some sequins, ribbon or other decorative items on it. After doing this now glue the clothes on the Snowman. By using this Snowman craft you can also make some cards. On the front of the card you can put the Snowman craft and can gift it to your beloved one.

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