Quilting is a method of sewing. It is a type of sewing which is done by hand, by sewing machine or by quilting system. It is said that the quilting method originated at the time of Crusades for the soldiers to keep them warm against the heavy armor. Basically quilting method is used for making garments.

Types of Quilting:

There are many types of quilting like hand quilting and rocking stitch. Hand quilting is usually done by thread and needle while rocking stitch is done with the help of fingers wearing thimble. The third type is called tying. There is one more type of quilting called machine quilting this process is very popular nowadays.

Process of Quilting:

The art of quilting is simple but it undergoes many sequenced steps like, the process starts with piecing, and then comes layering, then quilting and finally binding. Quilting starts from the middle stepping towards the edges. If you wish you can even do quilting simply on a geometric pattern again there if you want you can utilize this art form for some detailed decoration. This art form is many times successfully done combining with various other forms of sewing like appliqué needlework, embroidery and patchwork.

* Ralli quilting (a Pakistani quilting style).
* Shadow quilting (a Hawaiian quilting form)
* And Sashiko quilting(a Japanese quilting style)
* And many more quilting styles like trapunto quilting, shadow trapunto and tivaevae a style followed in the cook islands of Pacific.

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