Quilling is a crafting idea of folding and rolling very thin sheets of paper into various shapes and sizes and using these folded strips to form various decorative designs.Quilling is introduced since the Renaissance age during the renaissance period the nuns and monks used the method of quilling in order to decorate the outer covers of their religious scriptures. After the renaissance the art of quilling slowly spread throughout Europe and America.

Quilling also called paper filigree is a fun and exciting crafting idea it needs only some basic tools like paper strips, glue, scissor, small plastic cap or plastic bottle to hold drops of glue, a measuring scale, tweezers, muffin tin and cardboard. Basically there are two types of tools used for quilling these are the slotted tools and needle tools. Many artisans, instead of mechanical tools use their fingers for quilling. Heart shapes, coil shapes, scroll and spiral shapes are some basic quilling shapes. Discussed below are some popularly practiced, quilling patterns;

* Eye
* Diamond
* Petal
* Leaf
* Triangle
* Heart
* Oval
* Holly
* Eccentric coil and
* Half moon

The art of quilling is getting popular day by day in fact this paper craft is much popular today due to the frequent availability and cheap price of materials used in it. The craft of quilling is commonly used to decorate wedding cards, birthday cards, boxes and scrap books and other greeting cards.

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