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Valentines Day is a day to express love towards your beloved one. It is the day to celebrate the spirit of love. Valentines Day is celebrated worldwide on 14th February. The adults’ as well as the kids get involved with the activities that are related to the Valentine occasion. The making of crafts is one such kind of activity. The Preschool Valentine Crafts refers to crafts that can be made by preschoolers with a little help from the adults. Your preschool child can make various easy and simple handmade Valentine Day craft. Even you can also make them and give them pleasant surprises. You and your child can undertake following Valentine craft projects:
Paint a Flower Pot

Your preschool kid can paint a clay pot with spray paint or acrylic paints and brushes. This is one of the easier preschool valentine crafts that you and your child can make with the use of:

* A terra cotta flower pot,
* Acrylic paint,
* Paintbrushes.

First use the acrylic paints to decorate a clay pot. Here you can put some Butterflies, plants, or polka dots, which look nice and this is also the simple way of decorations. Now, let it dry completely and your flowerpot is ready!

Valentine Heart Animals

With the use of Red, pink, white, purple, gray construction papers, scissors, glue, and crayons you can make a preschool valentine craft called Valentine Heart Animals
For this you have to help your kid to cut out a lot of hearts from red, pink, and other construction papers. Then make an animal by gluing various sizes and shapes of paper hearts together. Now, add eyes, nose, and other details by using a marker.

Chocolate Candy Hearts: Chocolate candy hearts are perfect preschool valentine craft. This Valentine day craft can be given to kids all age. Things needed for making candy hearts are Plastic heart-shaped candy mould, sandwich bags, Spoons, Scissors, wax paper paintbrush and plates. Surely your kid will love this Valentine day craft for kid.

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