Pottery Craft


The term pottery denotes a broad range of ceramics like, stoneware, earthenware and porcelain. Actually pottery is the ware made by potters and the place where these wares are made is called potteries. Pottery Craft is done by giving different shape to a clay body and then heating the newly shaped object on a high temperature. In Pottery Craft one can find a wide range of regional variations due to difference in properties of clay and this is why there is a great difference in the quality of wares produced.

Basic tools which a potter uses for making different pottery wares are paddles, shaping tools, slab rollers, potters wheel and cutting tools. Different methods of shaping a pottery craft are:Hand building or handworks: Handwork is the earliest method of pottery craft. The handmade wares are constructed with the help of clay, clay slabs and flattened ball of clay. Different parts are gathered and then joined together by slip which is a mixture of clay and water. Though working by hands is slow, yet it gives the potter a huge capacity of control in shaping the wares.

Potter’s Wheel: In pottery craft the potter’s wheel plays a great role in shaping the wares differently. A ball of clay is made and is kept centrally on a turntable also called the wheel- head. The wheel continuously revolves fast while the body of the ware is pressed, squeezed and pulled smoothly into shape. Although the potter’s wheel is for producing individual pieces even in modern times it is used for good quantity production. Some other methods of shaping a pottery craft are:

* The roller machine
* Jiggering
* Granulate pressing
* RAM Pressing and
* Slip casting

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