Penguin Crafts


Penguin Crafts are fun and easy craftwork for little children. Discussed below are some varieties of penguin related craft project.

Fingerprint Penguin Crafts: Fingerprint penguins can be used either as a gift tag or as a gift wrapper. Basic materials needed to make a finger print penguin are, white, black and orange paints, a paper or card stock, scrap of card board. The fingerprint Penguin Craft work is especially designed for a child of three or above three.

Craft Paper penguin: This is a simple fun craft work. It is done simply by cutting and pasting papers following the basic egg shape. These materials are needed to make this penguin, some color, scissors, paper and glue. If you want to make moveable penguins, then instead of glue stick you can even use brass tacks. This Penguin Craft project is especially for a child of two and above.

Bingo Dauber Penguin: Bingo Dauber is a theme used for coloring pages. This Penguin Craft project is done by filling the circles with the help of stickers or pom poms.

Penguin Roll Craft: Paper roll Penguin Craft is easy and exciting for a child to make but only under teacher’s or parental guidance. Some basic materials needed to make paper roll penguin are printer, toilet paper, some color and a brush, glue, scissors and a paper.

Penguin Counting Book: Penguin counting book is generally for a preschool child. It is a fun and easy project, as children are very much interested in colors and variations of color only few easily available things are needed to make the penguin counting book such as paper, scissors and a stapler.

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