Patch Work


Patchwork is a method of needlework in which different pieces of fabrics are attached together to make elaborate designs with the help of thread and needle. Patchwork is also called pieced work. Patchwork is usually done with the help of hand and machine following the run stitch pattern.

In patchwork there are separate pieces of squares made of colored shapes these pieced squares are also called patchwork blocks. Generally patchwork is done on geometric shapes by stitching in order to create more composed designs. There are different forms or designs of patchwork they are, English Paper piecework, Hawaiian piecework, scrap piecework, Seminole piecework, foundation piecework and stained glass patchwork. Generally patchwork acts as a medium to make quilting patterns but it is also used to make different other things like, winter courts, bags, wall hangings and skirts.

Patchwork is basically a craft done with the help of squares. These squares are generally in and around 8 to 10 squares. Different squares are stitched together to make a larger composition. There are some common patchwork block names popularly known with the names of Drunkard's Path, Tulip, cabin, bear’s paw, nine patch and log cabin.

Though the patchwork craft faced a massive decline after the Second World War, but the art form has managed to stand again defying the large course of time. At present times the craftsmen use pure cottoned patchwork basics in forming their designs.

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