Paper Crafts


Paper crafts is an ancient craft idea of decoration in various styles making varied shapes and sizes. With modern development there are varieties of paper crafts. Many paper craft ideas are influenced by different cultures. There are many types of paper crafts discussed as follows:

Paper Tole:

It is a craft in which different soothing and spectular three dimensional images are created. In paper crafts many indistinguishable prints are assimilated and after cutting out the components they are shaped and layered out again. Every paper tole craft materials like, scissors, cutting board, knife, craft tweezers, glue, graphic pen and shaping tools are required.


Origami, an important pattern of paper craft is used for creating different structures of varied shapes and sizes with the help of folded paper. Actually origami is a Japanese style of paper craft. There are types of origami papers in various colors and textures.


Papier-mâché is an interesting paper craft idea which has its Chinese origin. Papier-mâché is used for creating different decorative items like, paper knives, cellars, trays, jars, album covers, boxes and other decorative items.

Paper Marbling:

Paper marbling is a type of paper craft, for turning colors on pieces of white paper, by using colored water base paints. By applying this technique of paper craft, ices of colored papers popularly called marble papers are produced. The quality of paper used for making marble papers needs to be very strong, so that it can bear water without tearing.


Quilling is again an important paper craft idea where very thin sheets of paper are folded and rolled to form different shapes and sizes. Quilling is also called paper filigree. Quilling requires very cheap and easily materials.

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