Needle Work



Quilting is a type of needlework where two layers of fabrics are stitched together by placing a soft thick substance in between the two layers which are stitched create design on the fabric. Quilting is used for clothing in different parts of world.


Patchwork or piecework is a pattern of needlework. In patchwork pieces of fabrics are attached together in order to make some elaborate designed patterns using thread and needle. Basically run stitch patterns are followed in patchwork.

Appliqué: Appliqué

is a type of needlework where different pieces of clothes are stitched together on a fabric foundation. Appliqué designs are especially turned on curtains, cushions, sofa covers, bags and dress materials. Appliqué is also used for quilting.


Embroidery is an art of decorating a fabric by stitching different designs with the help of threads and other decorative materials. There are different types of embroideries classified on the basis of the foundation fabric. Some kinds of embroideries are known as free embroidery, thread embroidery and surface embroidery. Some other types of needlework’s are blackwork, canvaswork, cross-stitch, darning and machine embroidery.

In the modern society the art of needlework has got a huge popularity in fact it is an indispensable part of modern crafts world. Many people enjoy this craft idea as their favorite spare time hobby. While other people have taken this art as a full time profession

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