Native American Art



Native American art is the art work by the natives' of American. This art never remains limited to drawing and painting rather it also covers art on weaving, stone surfaces, pottery and jewelry. The Native American jewelry art became stronger after colonization it was not replaced by the introduction of new materials. American jewelry art depends on two basic categories beadwork and metal work. Previously all Native Americans have their individual style of clothing which use to distinguish them from other people. The Native American men generally wear breechcloths, and the most Native American women wear skirts and leggings but their dresses differ depending on their clans and tribes.
Another form of Native American art was making native rugs. The making of fancy rugs and blankets is still common in modern America these are made by following the traditional style of America long before the arrival of Europeans. In the art of making rugs the Navajo is the most popular weaving of North America.The idea of mask making is traditional among the

Native Americans. Today Native American masks are so popular that they are used for drama, cultural dances, and decoration and for selling. The Native American painting style was typical, like painting use to be done on leather skirts, war shirts and tip covers. The modern Native American artists have largely incorporated the western painting styles in order to show their personal thoughts and ideas.

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