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Museum & Art gallery is a place for display of various art forms in relatively large scale. Basically in these museums & art galleries visual art forms are exposed but some work on applied art objects and sculptures can also be seen in these art museums. In these museums & art galleries you can find some shops for the sale of its various publications and models. In those shops you can get few handy guide books, hand lists, monographs and books, sets of picture postcards and reproductions of the masterpieces of the Museum & Art Gallery's collection. In these museum & art galleries you may find some art rooms, where different arts are demonstrated for people. There are many museum & art galleries famous in different parts of world, few names are mentioned below:

* Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
* The Government Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh in India
* Harris Museum and Art Gallery
* Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia
* Louver museum & art gallery of Paris and many more

Among all the famous museum & art galleries of world the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia which was established in the year 1876 is the largest and most important art museum in United States. The louver museum & art gallery of Paris is again one of the largest and most well-known in world.

Like rest of the world India is also well-off in art and artistic excellence. There are many famous museum & art galleries you can find in India with exotic masterpieces preserved there. Some great names are like; the Chitra art gallery of Trivandrum, the Government Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh and the Jehangir art gallery of Mumbai are very famous. Visiting these museum & art galleries is really a pleasurable experience as they make you enter in the root of your culture. They also make you comprehend the major changes occurred in styles and tastes of a particular culture in course of time.

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