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Leather is a natural commodity and is valued high worldwide. Therefore, there is less supply of leather crafts and it is expensive too. In the past leather was not only used for making footwear and clothes but it was also used in making saddles, armor etc. Now, in the market you can find many leather goods and objects. Some of leather crafts items are mentioned below:

Leather bags.
Tooled belts.
Purses accessories.
Address books.
Albums and travel accessories and many more.

West Bengal is famous for its decorative leather crafts. One famous pattern of leather crafts of Bengal is Shantiniketani pattern. These items are usually decorated with traditional motifs and geometrical patterns.

Kohlapur in Maharashtra is world wide famous for its traditional Indian footwear called kohlapuri chappels. All over the India you can find a large variety of this footwear.

Rajasthan is also known for its locally tanned leather crafts. Rajasthani decorative footwear is also famous worldwide. These are usually decorated with silk or metal embroidery, sequins and decorative beads. In Bikaner and Jaisalmer you can get decorative saddles for camels and horses.

Madhya Pradesh is also popular for its red embroidered leather crafts. Gwalior, Indore are famous for production of leather crafts in this region.

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