Knitting is one of the oldest arts in which threads and yarn are stitched on piece of cloth with the help of needle. It is said that the art of knitting originated in 11th century in Egypt and in 14th century in Europe. Because of its good similarity with other art forms like spinning , quilting and needlepoint, knitting became a popular and common activity. Knitting is done both by hand and machine. Knitting can be carried out in numerous styles and patterns. For making different styles multi colored threads and different needles are used.

Types of Knitting

The two main types of knitting are weft knitting and warp knitting. Weft knitting is based on horizontal pattern while the warp knitting is done by machine and sometimes by hand. Any knitting begins with the first process of casting. After finishing the knitting the stitches are cast on cloth. Small fabric materials like hankerchieves, socks and hats are knitted with the help of circular needles or double pointed needles.The knitting yarn is made from different cotton and synthetic fibers. Thickness of needle is determined with the texture of fabrics like thin fibers are basically used in small knitting needle, while thick fibers are used in large needles.

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