Kid Arts and Crafts


Art and Crafts for Pre School Children:

Kid Arts and Crafts projects, especially of pre school children are done by using waste materials found around the house as egg cartons, cardboard, paper boxes, strings, Crayons and paint.

African Crafts:

A string of African Flags are made by tying all the flags in a same string, when tying work is finish one can locate all the countries by giving their names on the map of Africa.
Kwanzaa Kid Arts and Crafts:
Kwanza tables can be decorated by making beautiful candles these candles are also called (mishumaa in Swahili) the candles are very easy to make and it can be presented to kids as a dinner treat.

Animal, Kid Arts and Crafts:

This Kid Arts and crafts project is especially for children of preschool age, kindergarten and for the children of elementary classes. This easy to make craft is done by using some household waste materials as egg cartons, strings, cardboard, crayons, boxes, glue gun and paint.

Birthday Kids Arts and Crafts:

This craft project is again easy to make and it’s a great gift item to present friends this can again be made by using the waste materials found in the daily household chores.

Christmas Kids Arts and Crafts:

Christmas day arts and crafts are easy and fun for the kids of all age.

Christmas tree Decoration:

Christmas tree decoration is fun for kids it’s a nice classroom project which can be made by using past years greeting cards things needed to make it are old Christmas cards, Ribbon, papers, a clean lid and a glue gun.

In Surveys it is found that kids learn more by doing those things which they really enjoy, and which they find fun and playful.

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