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Art of Tapestry

Tapestry is a type of textile art. It is hand woven on a weaving loom. Unlike cloth weaving, all the warp threads are hidden in the completed work. The weft threads are generally cotton or wool, but sometimes a weaver, may also use silk, gold or silver threads. Tapestry is also applied to canvas embroidery, but actually canvas work and tapestry are different.

Early Childhood and Education

Jean Corder Clarke is a Spanish tapestry artist. She lives in Masriudoms. Jean Corder Clarke has been interested in arts and craft since her childhood. Her artistic career was put off while she trained as a Pediatric nurse. Jean Corder Clarke studied Craft Design, Print, Photography and Water Color. Her knowledge of these fields was put to use when she took a further course in Textile in 1900. She was taught by a weaver who had previously worked on Henry Moore’s.

tapestries at West Dean, Chichester, England. Later Jean Corder Clarke went on to become a member of Northamptonshire Craftsman’s Guild. Her works were exhibited in UK, Sweden and on the Internet with ITNET 2000.

Jean Corder Clarke enjoys the slow and tough art of weaving. For her it is relaxing and stimulating. She weaves with wool and cotton and dyes her tapestries herself. Jean Corder Clarke uses both the front as well as back weaves to create her tapestries. Even after all these years Jean Corder Clarke’s love for weaving has not lessened at all.

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