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Japan is rich in traditional crafts of all types. The silk- weaving factory at popular Nishijin weaving center of Kyoto is world known. Lacquer plastics were first introduced in Asia but later on its practical use was traced in Japan again papermaking is completely Asian invention but the art of Japanese paper making from mulberry plant is different from others. Similarly metalwork was previously used in the production of Japanese sword these ancient swords originated before first century B.C. There are many other traditional handicrafts as fiber arts; one of them is the ancient temari craft work

Japan is rich in traditional crafts.

All types of handicrafts are practiced here; these crafts are much in demand worldwide all types of Japanese crafts hold official recognition and prestige. The basic Japanese craft categories are weaving, dyeing, pottery and porcelain, lacquer, wood, stone, bamboo, metal etc.

Japanese pottery books with special mention on of Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian pottery are very famous. ‘Japanese Pottery’ by Soame Jenyns is very popular and highly informative.

Japanese Handbooks: Japanese handbooks on crafts are very famous and easily available worldwide. Some famous Japanese Craft Book

* Chronological table of Japanese art Edited by Shigehisa Yamasaki
* Japanese art signatures.

Japanese Craft Book includes information of all types and categories as Winter Knit Item book, pottery and porcelain books, silk weaving books.

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