Holiday Craft


Crafts include a lot of activities; it’s completely a human creation which needs a lot of patience and aesthetic sense. Basically Craft is sub-divided into handicrafts and traditional Crafts. Holiday crafts are usually for little children from preschool, Kinder garden and elementary schools using materials as egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, paints, strings, glue etc

Holiday Crafts Projects:

New-year Day Crafts: New Year day craft includes cards and calendars of different kinds for e.g. a white dove is used in New Year card that marks serenity, beauty and peace for the forthcoming Year. Holiday crafts are usually done by the children with the purpose of keeping them busy in some creative work along with explore their aesthetic qualities.

Making Luminaries: Luminaries are used to make line walkways or stairways and some times to decorate front yards luminaries are heat resisting paper bags with stylish cuttings. If any body is planning to make luminaries, should start with collecting with tin cans, for this soup and vegetable cans be best used.

Making Scare Crow: Making scarecrow is easy and exciting for making it one only needs few basic things like clothing, stuffing, a head and few accessories. By following the given steps one can make his scarecrow beautiful, the selection of clothing for making it should be according to its size for making an ordinary scare crow long sleeved shirt, a pair of pants, boots and gloves are needed. To bring all the scattered things together need rope, twine or rug needle is needed.

For making a painted wood yard these easy steps could be followed. For making it all the things should be gathered together. The products gathered will depend on the size and type of decoration one is making.

The Basic things needed for making it are: Jig saw, Paint, Sand paper, Spray enamel, Strand –lights,Nuts and bolts, Drill, Big sheet of craft paper, Adhesive and Lead pencil. If all these things are gathered the scarecrow could easily be made.

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