Glass Blowing


The glass blowing is a practice of making glass materials in different forms. The glass which remains in a liquid state is changed into various beautiful shapes and sizes. Glass blowing is not an easy art. The professional glass blowers or the glass smiths before coming in the field of glass blowing undergo full training. Hence glass blowing is an art that requires complete prior training and full concentration towards work. The concept of glass blowing first came into light around first century B.C. in Syria. Later on, this craftwork started prevailing out of Syria, and entered in different Roman countries. With passing of years many other developments occurred in the craft of glass blowing.

Glass Blowing Process:

Like any other craft works glass blowing undergoes many steps before coming in a particular form. At first the glass is melted in furnace from whole compounds of limestone, potash, ash and sand. This melting of glass from certain raw materials is done at 2000 °F, after melting the glass changes into dark burning orange color. After this the quantum of temperature is minimized. Glass blowing requires some important tools like, bench, jacks, marver, tweezers, blocks, shears, blowpipe, pontil and paddles.

Many people have professionally joined the art of glass blowing at different levels according to individual skills. In North America it is rapidly developing into common hobby.

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